Victor e Masha Tuzlukov are writers of fairy tales and use this form of literature to spread beauty and spiritual education to the world.

Victor e Masha Tuzlukov são escritores de contos de fadas e usam esta forma de literatura para espalhar beleza e educação espiritual pelo mundo.


sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2011


I will find you today where nobody knows,
I'll discover for you the impression of Light...
Summer falls from the trees like the petals of rose,
Days are dropping from rocks in the silent delight.

You'll be following me into colourful glow,
Through the columns of rays under vault of the sky.
We will enter the Temple where sounds will flow
and toccatas of wind will bellow and cry.

I'll uncover for you Word of Holly Creation,
you'll return in the mind to the consciousness font...
Let my wonderful dream give you joy and sensation,
That we joined for the future - in life and beyond.

Victor Tuzlukov

quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011


That took place a long time ago and nobody knows whether it really was. A mighty empire spread over the distant mountains. Industrious and selfless were its people. Labor was their main value, and they shared it with their country generously by cultivating stone soil of the stepped terraces, building fine roads from rocks, and looking after animals that gave wool, meat and milk. People placed great trust in their Emperor, whose kin was considered to have descended directly from the Sun. Everyone knew that if some trouble happened – war, drought or flood, - their country would take care of them, by sending workers from other parts of the country for help and by giving food from hidden storehouses. This is why each man worked during a fixed time for the benefit of the empire, consciously and voluntarily. “Do not steal, do not lie, and do not be lazy,” – those were their three commandments.

The Emperor’s power was absolute, and his authority – indisputable. So long as the sovereign had divine origin, all his numerous relatives were invested with authority under their royal blood, although their authority was not so all-embracing as the Emperor’s. They usually were governors of certain parts of the country, judges, priests or commanders. Such posts could have been taken by mere mortals, who showed talent for organization and proved their devotion to the empire by some outstanding services. Those few got the privilege of authority through a personal order of the Emperor.

One of such commanders, awarded with the privilege of authority for some great services to the country, was Warrior – a son of a mere farmer, who showed uncommon talent as a captain and as a diplomat. Quite often small tribes, neighboring the empire, suffered from nomads’ raids; then, the Emperor would send Warrior as the head of the armed detachment to assist in chasing away the invaders. Having completed his mission, Warrior would offer the folks protection from the empire while maintaining their customs and culture; quite often, they would be glad to accept the friendship of such mighty ally. Thus, the empire’s borders were spreading and its power was getting stronger.

One time, after coming back from another campaign and completing a report about brilliant results to his master, Warrior was leaving the Emperor’s chamber, when a fair lady, surrounded by a group of courtiers, came towards him. Warrior had heard a lot about the beauty of the sovereign’s daughter, but even after all that he had heard, he stumbled with surprise with her wide open eyes, full of mischief. For a moment they looked at each other, but then he gathered his wits and lowered his gaze.

“Her beauty is inconceivable,” Warrior thought. “Only stars may be so delightful and perfect, no wonder the Emperor’s kin descended from the Sun!”

Suddenly he noticed in front of him a common earthly girl who was looking at him with some interest.

“Who are you and what are you doing in the palace?” asked the Princess with a tender voice.
“I am Warrior, and I govern one of the remote parts of the empire; it was through your father’s will, giving me the privilege of authority. I am serving him, Mistress!”

“Surely, my father is strict, but he is benevolent only to those who are devoted to him,” the girl said. “You must be a good warrior, in order to have deserved such authority.”

Without waiting for a reply, the Princess continued her way; and Warrior, charmed by her beauty and tone of voice, stood there, stunned for a while.

… Love blazed up between them like a hot campfire in the darkness of summer night. Several times, the Princess secretly managed to slip away into the garden, where Warrior would be waiting for her, speechless and motionless, like the shadow of a silent rock. Only sleepless stars heard the beating of their hearts, accepting them in their shining family.

“My star,” Warrior said to her one day. “We won’t be able to live without each other. It’s not good for our love to hide in the night garden, like thieves. I will ask your hand in marriage to your father.”

“My Beloved,” the Princess answered anxiously, “your strength is like a mountain stream, but you know the law, given to us by our ancestors. A mere mortal has never married a princess yet. I fear for you.”

When the Emperor listened to the Warrior’s request, his face turned dark.

“So, that is your devotion in practice! You have returned my mercy with this plain ingratitude. Go away, you contemptible jerk! I don’t want to see you again – you are not my servant anymore!”

Thus, the Son of Sun ordered his officials to banish Warrior to the only province which he governed, supposing that, once deprived of authority, he would drink the cup of disgrace and humiliation up to the dregs. But his plans turned out otherwise. The residents of the province loved Warrior a lot, for his wise and fair governing. Even having found out that he would not live under the Emperor’s orders anymore, people greeted him cheerfully and proclaimed him their sovereign.

The Emperor got so angry when he knew about the mutiny. He sent out a large army to fight against Warrior and his people; but Warrior was skilful in battles. According to his orders, the main lines of defense were placed on the rocky mountain slopes, where the defenders settled, behind the rocks which merged with the grey slopes.

The battle was swift and dreadful. It seemed as if the mountains themselves were attacking the strangers. Thick clouds of dust appeared over the gorge; lots of blood flew; and the land moaned, echoing the heartfelt screams of the wounded fighters. Not too many were fated to come back to the capital. Thousands of fighters were left behind, buried under the heavy boulders. Even the Emperor’s son was among the few captives. His gaze was lowered, as he stood in front of Warrior.

“Forgive me, my sworn brother! I have not forgotten our glorious campaigns, when while fighting we shielded each other with our backs; and I could not disobey my father’s order. Discipline is the foundation of our army, and we should obey orders, if we don’t want to face chaos and anarchy.”

“There is no reason for you to make excuses,” Warrior interrupted him. “You’ve done your duty and that’s not your fault; it was mine, who stood in your way. Now, please tell me, how’s the Princess? ”

“Warrior, it was hard for me to battle with you,” he answered, “but it is harder to be a messenger of grief. My beloved sister has suffered an agonizing death. Our father, besides himself with rage, ordered for her to be put in the dungeon without any meals, water or light.”
The successor’s face got distorted with pain as if he was going himself through a terrible incarceration and death. Warrior got petrified when he heard these words. They remained silent for a while and nobody knew what sufferings they were experiencing in their hearts. Warrior was the first one to break the silence.

“I have nothing to do, or no desires in the capital. Go back and tell your father that he does not deserve my revenge. However, I would destroy to the ground the whole Empire, if that could bring back my beloved one! Go away!”

The morning came like the evening, full of gloom; the first one of an endless chain of knots which would compose from now on the dim thread of his life. He had lived on hope till now. And this hope had died. The Emperor did not try to conquer the mutinous province, as he did not see a threat from it and besides, he did not want to lose his warriors. His heart softened a bit, when his beloved son, who was considered to be dead, returned and told him about his meeting with Warrior. Thus, the delicate and anxious balance was restored in the empire…

As to Warrior, he became old, not from the years past, but from the severe loss of his lover. One day, it was announced that a person of high authority, yet wearing a soldiers’ uniform was coming near to speak with him.

“What has brought you to me?” Warrior identified and asked the Successor, while meeting him at the gate.

“My father has died,” he answered. “Now I am the Emperor, and I came to invite you to the capital. The country needs you, our people need you, and after all, I also need you. Forget your pain and return to the court, for the sake of our former friendship. Be near, help me, and our country will become again single and invincible!”

Warrior shook his head negatively, not lifting up his eyes.

“One ear does not hear twice. There is no place for me in the capital anymore; but I will go with you to bow before the ashes of my Princess for the last time.”

When the new Emperor ordered his old servant to open the massive stone door in the cellar of the palace, a subtle confusion flickered in his eyes.

“Master, this door has not being opened for many years, by the order of your father…”
“Now open it!” the Emperor ordered him with a stern tone. “Whatever we encounter, we are ready for everything.”

While the servant was slowly handling the lock, the Emperor hugged Warrior’s shoulder.
“Hold on, brother! You have seen a lot in your life; don’t let your heart tremble now!”

Warrior lowered his head without uttering a word. Yes, he was ready for everything. For everything, but not for what they faced the following moment. When the heavy door finally opened, a muffled voice was heard in the darkness of the tiny room carved in the rock.
“You’ve brought me meal again. Thanks, but I’m not hungry!”

For some time people stood still, looking as the old servant lowered his eyes; then, they rushed to the small cell, lighting the way with smoking torches, when soon they found an old woman with long grey hair sitting in the corner of a room. Although her blind eyes were opened wide, due to long years of facing sheer darkness, they could not perceive anything.

“Who is there?” the woman asked after hearing the sound of steps, vainly trying to discern something in the middle of a black mist. “Who has come to me? Oh, gods, gods! Why is my heart beating so much?”

With difficulty, having recovered from the first shock, Emperor looked at Warrior. He stood silent on his knees, unable to come closer. Whirlwinds of different feelings were passing through his face. And that man, who had conquered vast territories, who had beaten select forces of the Emperor’s army, who had endured the loss of his beloved one and the goal of his life together with her – that iron man was on his knees, crying…

Emperor turned his eyes towards the old servant – Warrior, who rushed to touch Emperor’s feet. “I am the one to be blamed for this, my master! I did not obey the order of your father. Love and devotion to our Princess prevented me from letting her die. For many years, I have been bringing her food and water secretly. I have been serving her, having disobeyed the order of the sovereign. I am ready for death, my master!”

“Now it does not matter,” Emperor said after a deep thought. “Let’s leave them alone, for they deserve it!”. Then, he raised his torch and hanged it up in the wall, while turning to the exit.

The torch kept giving a steady light, making visible in the darkness two silent people who had overcome death and oblivion with the power of their love.

sábado, 20 de novembro de 2010

The Importance

He can facet gems, and people like this.
One day, he came to the Master and asked: “What should I do?”
“Enter a competition,” the Master replied.
“It’s interesting,” he thought, “I’d give it a shot”
He finished the gemstone and brought it to the Master.
The Master held the stone in his hands and said, “You’ll overcome”
“Why do you think so, teacher?” he asked.
“It’s unimportant,” Master said, “You will see”
After his first victory,  he again came to see the Master.
“Go further,” the Master said.
The next competition was very difficult.
The Master held the stone for a short while and said: “You’ll overcome”
After the new victory, he bowed before the Master.
“Go further,” again, the Master said.
“But… Further is World Championship only!” he exclaimed.
“It’s unimportant,” the Master said, “You’ll overcome”
A bit later, the Champion bowed before the Master and whispered, “And what should I do now?”
“Have you come to the end? Go further!” the Master smiled.
“But… Now -  I have a great possibility and also a great responsibility. Can I use correctly the
  great gift of Life?”
“It’s unimportant,” the Master said.
“Oh, You finally asked about it – and that is important! This was the Master’s reply.
When the regular classes were finished, pupils crowded with the Old Champion. One of them asked: “What should I do now?”
“Enter a competition,” the Champion smiled and concluded:  “You’ll overcome”

quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010


For Steppe Lion, that morning began as usual. He used to get up early, while his relatives were still sleeping. He enjoyed the first beams of the rising sun. Those minutes were unforgettable. Dewdrops were trembling on the pearl leaves under the light breath of the fresh wind. Somewhere among those leaves, Tiny Fairy lived. Steppe Lion blinked his eyes with pleasure when her age flashed across his mind. He stretched and purred something light and cheerful. That was his morning.

Meanwhile, Tiny Fairy was admiring her reflection in the dewdrops decorated with rainbow of the breaking Sun. She did not see Steppe Lion but felt his existence, and that feeling filled her with power and confidence.

…Steppe Lion finished his morning cup of coffee and went outdoors. The city was waking up. Sunbeams were leaping from one window to the other ; sometimes they brushed against Steppe Lion in their merry flight. He was walking along the street and looking around with a wish to find the bright light of Tiny Fairy among the passersby. He was still cherishing his hope that she was alive not only in his dreams.

Our hero got deep into his thoughts and did not notice that the city was changing. Heavy dark clouds covered the sky. The air became tense. It was getting difficult to breathe. Passersby were running back to their houses. It seemed that the air would clang right away and crack into the booming chime echo. Steppe Lion stopped to listen carefully to what was happening. The city was in imminent danger. If clouds linked to each other and fell down, they would absorb the city and all its dwellers. Steppe Lion suddenly realized that the destiny of the city was in his own hands. He threw up his arms to the sky and almost physically felt the great heaviness laying down on him, as if all the misfortunes of the world would fall upon the city. Everything went dark before Steppe Lion’s eyes. His legs became soft and disobedient, but he held hismself. He was aware that a little part of him had been living in each dweller of the city. If everyone stood up and helped him, the darkness would disappear. But the dwellers did not hear his mute cry. So, he closed his eyes in determination to stand that way, till the darkness crushed him down. During those last moments, he felt neither bitterness nor despair, but a light sorrow for he would meet Her only in his dreams…

The clouds almost came down to the ground. He kept on standing and did not see the tiny orange light flickering among the leaden clouds. That was Tiny Fairy. She was fluttering from one window to the other. When people came to their senses, they went to the street and stood next to Steppe Lion. He did not know that, but he felt that his strength was growing. Darkness was crawling away, without managing to realize its evil plan.

When the first sunlight smiled in the windows of the refreshed city, Tiny Fairy bent her head on the breast of Steppe Lion. She whispered, “You’ve won!”

“We’ve won!” He smiled.

That was their morning.

Our dreams have great power. It is necessary to make friends with them. When we need their help and when our heart is ready to accept it, they will come true.


…The morning was laughing. Fireworks of sparkles were flashing in the dewdrops. They joined the new-blown dawn in the morning symphony of joy. Tiny Fairy flapped with her arms and soared into the sky. She was bathing in the miraculous flows of the new-born Light. Only one circumstance slightly clouded the celebration of that morning. She could not share her joy with him…

…Steppe Lion stretched and closed up his eyes in the Sun. He would always keep the happiness of their first and only meeting in his heart. The world Tiny Fairy lived in was inaccessible to him. Only once, their worlds had crossed and they had been given an opportunity to meet and recognize each other. The rest of the time, they met only in their dreams. Nobody could say whether Life would favour them with a chance to see each other again…

…Tiny Fairy laid down on the blade of grass, wet from the dewdrops. She got absorbed into her thoughts. With every passing day, she wanted to see Him and to talk to Him more and more. Yes, they lived in different worlds. Contacts between those worlds were possible only during moments of highest spiritual tension on both sides. She knew that if she could gather all her will and send him a call, he would respond to it. Then she would come to Him and see Him. But she knew another thing: while visiting His world, she left a little part of her own self there. And soon she would not have enough strength to come back. Then her world would become strange to her. Thus, she would not be able to fly above the flowers or to sing her solemn hymn to the morning of the new day any more. She had already taken one chance. How many chances were left? Two? Three? She did not know…

…Steppe Lion sat suddenly and threw down his blanket. He was seized with an inexplicable anxiety. He jumped out of his bed and started to walk back and forth in the room, thinking: “This is She! She calls me! She needs my help…” But he did not know what to do. So, he closed his eyes and rushed to meet her – in the world of his dreams through all times and spaces…

…Tiny Fairy startled and opened her eyes. Steppe Lion was stroking her head.

“What? You?...Where are you from?” The words were stuck in her throat.

“Do not say anything…” Steppe Lion kissed her hand. He felt pitiless minutes passing inexorably, “We do not have much time. Who knows? Perhaps, this is our last meeting.”

“No!” She smiled. “Here, at the intersection of the worlds, together, we are immortal!” As if confirming her words, rainbows of the Universe flashed around them, revealing facets of the Great Crystal of Infinity.

Every man is the whole world. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice a part of your own world to know the happiness of the unique touch of immortality in the unity of the worlds.


The night was melting slowly. The delicate aromas of the nascent day were filling the motionless air. Steppe Lion lied in the thick grass. He was looking at the huge unfading stars. The last talk with Tiny Fairy came back to his memory. He was listening to her. He understood her, but refused to believe. It was too inconceivable…

She was slim, fair-haired, light as a fluff. And she was joyful. Joy was ringing in her voice like a golden bell. Joy was somersaulting in her eyes like a sunbeam. Even a tear in her eyes seemed to be just a dewdrop frozen on the palm of the green petal.

“Now you know everything,” She said. “At first I could not realize what had happened, how we could have moved between the worlds without detriment to ourselves and without being noticed by other inhabitants. Now everything has fallen into place. Our worlds crossed only once at our first meeting. We recognized each other and gave a part of ourselves to each other not to get lost in the spaces. We had met in our dreams before, but after that contact of the worlds, our dreams became indistinguishable from reality.” Her head was lying on his shoulder. He felt the warmth of Her body. He inhaled the aroma of Her hair. He saw the twinkles in her golden eyes… Was it just a dream? But why then should he wake up?

“And what about people?” Her voice was hard as steel , when she asked: “What about the city you’ve rescued at our first meeting? What about your own world, a part of which you are? You’ve thought a lot whether you could make without it. Now think whether it would live without you. We cannot see all the consequences of our actions. Your help to some passerby may save the world. We have given a part of ourselves to each other. And now there are sparkles of other worlds in our hearts. It means that our own worlds have become richer. Isn’t it wonderful? How can anything take away these sparkles and divide us?”

He was listening to her. He could not turn his eyes away from her. “No!” He wanted to cry. “It is not so. It cannot be that only the sparkles of our hearts have tied our worlds. There should be something else. Something that is very important. Something that we fail to understand…”

And suddenly a clear, sharp and simple thought dawned upon him. Steppe Lion sat up and opened his eyes. With the strength of his will, he kept the image of Tiny Fairy in his mind. He exclaimed, “I’ve understood! The sparkles in our hearts are grains of acknowledgement of the Universe’s unity. Our own worlds are just petals of the one flower, facets of the one Crystal. It means that we are as close to each other, from the moment we realize the unity of our worlds.”

“You are right.” The iridescent image of Tiny Fairy was trembling like a drop of live mercury, “I have also understood this. We have to learn a lot of other things. But we are on the right track. When people realize the unity of their worlds, we will become the Universe! Goodbye!”

“Will our worlds cross one more time?” Steppe Lion asked after the eluding image.

“It all depends…” Eternity had answered.

Be able to recognize a part of yourself in every passerby. And you will take one more step to unite with the Eternity.


The new day was blooming. A sleepy wind was stroking blades of grass with its warm palms. Stars were getting pale, while melting in the fiery breath of the dawn. Steppe Lion was lying on the lawn and inhaling the heady aromas of joy dissolved in the morning air. Tiny Fairy was sitting next to him. The immense feeling of her presence refreshed his body. He got used to such dreams. At those moments, finite notions stopped their existence. He was experiencing Eternity. Infinity was pulsing inside of him, echoing in the blue eyes of Tiny Fairy. They were happy.

Suddenly something imperceptible made him alerted. Steppe Lion opened his eyes, unwillingly coming back to the reality and saying goodbye to his girlfriend. However, when he came to his senses, he could not believe his eyes. Tiny Fairy was sitting next to him, the same way; she was stroking his hand tenderly.

“What is this?” He murmured. “Am I sleeping?”

“You are not sleeping this time!” She laughed. “The thing I would like to tell you is too important to trust it to our dreams. This time I’ve come myself.”

Steppe Lion reached out for her, but she stayed serious and mysterious. “Listen to me,” Her voice was babbling quietly like a forest stream, “We’ve got carried away by our feelings too far. We’ve forgotten about other inhabitants of our worlds. You know, the grains of the Eternity that we’ve found in our hearts belong not only to us. We are charged with the great mission – to champion the Infinity and to kindle the lights of joy in people’s hearts. We both have woken up by the fire that had been sleeping for ages, expecting our meeting. Well, it has happened! Now we are able to wake up the hearts of other people and to broaden the borders of the Universe for them. We both have to consider this purpose for the whole world.”

“You are wiser than me, my tutoress,” Steppe Lion bowed his head and kissed her thin fingers.

“It is not important who is wiser,” Her voice became louder as if the stream got out of the grass and started hopping over the sharp stones. “Our power is in our unity. When this power is awakened in our hearts, we stop belonging to ourselves. Both our dreams and the sparkles of our hearts will always be with us. No matter what happens, you will always be with me and so will I. First, we lived for ourselves, then – for each other. Now it is time to live for other people, in the name of love and joy. We do not have the right to hide or keep to ourselves what the Single Life has given us! ”

“Does it mean that this is our last meeting?” Steppe Lion gasped for air.

“You still don’t understand. We do not part, because it is impossible to divide us, as it is impossible to divide Unity. We championed the great power of the Unity of our worlds. This is the power that is expanding, contributing to the evolution of the Cosmos. I am drawing life from your breath. I am expressing your thoughts. We will always be together, no matter where we are. May it always be so! ”

“It will always be so!” Steppe Lion repeated her words.

“Always,” The echo of the distant worlds resounded in their hearts.

Share your joy with every passerby and the Universe will smile to you in response.


A candle was burning down. Steppe Lion was staring at the flame and going through the events of that night once again. It had been too improbable. If he had been said about such possibility not long ago, he would have laughed at it in response. And today it happened.

Tiny Fairy appeared unexpectedly as she usually did. Steppe Lion jumped to his feet and overturned the chair. His awkwardness embarrassed him.

“What has happened?” His anxiety was understandable, for only something extraordinary could cause a visit of Tiny Fairy.

She stroked His head and tousled His hair tenderly, “Our worlds are parting, my friend. We won’t meet anymore. Only memories and dreams will be left with us, as well as the sparkles that dwell in our hearts…”

They looked at each other, lit by the small tongue of the flame that was shining so smoothly, as if it did not want to disturb them.

“Do not be afraid to lose me. I am just a short-lived incarnation of the high Dream that you have always loved. The image of this Dream has been living in your heart for ages. And now your spirit has become strong enough to realize that your love is not affection towards a woman; it is the love for your neighbor. It is the love for God, a part of Whom lives in every living being. I am the most available form of this love for you. But I am just a part of the single Deity. I’ve come to help you distinguish the Temporary from the Eternal. Truth is important, but not the one who has made us realize it.”

“I understand,” Steppe Lion felt surprisingly calm, as if it was a matter of a short trip and not an eternal parting.

“You see,” Tiny Fairy smiled, and he felt a new wave of tenderness and warmth. “Your spirit is imperturbable. It means that you are ready to realize such things. Not long ago,this would have driven you to despair. The Single Life is heard in every word that you say. The Single Life is pulsing in every cell of your body. You echo the high vibrations. Bring these vibrations to other people, awake God in their hearts. This candle will burn down soon, and the last remains of your personal ego will be burnt in its flame. The great flame of the Single Life will flare in your heart instead. And it will include not only our worlds but the infinite number of people’s fates, thoughts, words and actions. So, you won’t need my short-lived form to feel the unity with me. When you repudiate my earthly form and accept the Essence instead, you’ll become Eternity yourself.”

The candle burnt down. Wax drops were cooling down on the surface of the table, composing some mysterious signs.

“Goodbye, my darling,” Steppe Lion thought, “Goodbye and Hello, for these two notions are inseparable for me now. There is no past and no future for me anymore. There is only the Single Eternal Life lit in my heart with the help of this simple candle. If I am unable to hear the call of Infinity someday, I will light a candle and your eyes, hair and smile will come back to me in its flame. I thank my fortune for my meeting with you, for the knowledge you’ve given to me, for joy and power are filling me now. Goodbye and Hello, my LOVE!”

Let your life be the joy of the other man and there will not be the coldness of oblivion in your heart.


It was a calm summer night. Minutes were slowly trickling down from the branches of the trees and stood still at the tips of the leaves. Steppe Lion made a cup of strong coffee not to fall asleep. He took a sip and got absorbed into his thoughts. It seemed that the whole world stood still and only a lively light of the candle was reflected in his fixed eyes. Steppe Lion recalled his dream.

He had changed a lot since their parting. Now he was not that dreamy youth looking for his Fairy in the crowd of passersby. Now his eyes had the sapphire depth. People’s anger and annoyance sank into his eyes. He was burning people’s sorrows in his heart. Everyone found comfort and peace with his help.

Once again, he saw Her in his dream. Certainly it was just a dream. But anyway it was strange that she remained the same - young; that Her laughter was ringing as usual; that Her eyes were the same golden stars under the bushy eyelashes. She did not say anything; just looked at Him smiling.

He said, “Hello, my Sunlight! I don’t see you quite often lately. But when I do, I cannot devote myself to the service of other people wholeheartedly for some time. Rare minutes of our meetings come back to my memory. And your image pushes other people into the background. I come to them and bring sparkles of our Flame. But this chalice should be clean. Only in this case, the things we are keeping in our hearts make sense. The love to God in my heart exceeds the limits of mankind. And today I ask you – let your image not prevent me from perceiving God in every passerby, giving each person the warmth of my heart. You know, we are a single whole. The further we stay away from each other, more worlds will get into the sphere of our unity…”

Tiny Fairy nodded in silence. Her image was melting slowly.

“My God, what am I doing?” Steppe Lion wanted to cry, but the words stuck in his throat and he only nodded goodbye. But there was so much Love, so much Light and so much Gratitude in his look! And in the whole world, there was not anyone so dear to one another as that couple, who conquered time, space and themselves…

Every day, every minute we make our choice. When you make it, do not forget about your way and about those who are going next to you.


Steppe Lion was lying in the wet grass and looking into the sky. Somewhere among those leaves Tiny Fairy lived. The very thought of Her… That had been so much time ago! How many lives had slipped by since then! How much the world had changed around him and inside him!

The lively sky was facing him, with millions of joyful eyes. He took part in that single merry-go-round of joy. Peace and calmness reigned in his soul. Nothing could shake the mighty rock overgrown with moss of tenderness and kindness. Chords of the Single Life were ringing in every cell of his body. He felt the measured pulsing of myriads of worlds in his heart.

He tried to recall Tiny Fairy’s image, but it was changing and taking different shapes and sizes. It was like a miraculous play of light in the gemstone that was producing sounds and composing them into words. Waves of power and joy covered our hero with every new word.

“I am the spirit of the flame burning in your candle. I am the echo of your thoughts that have come back to you in the music of distant worlds. I am the sigh of the universal wind that spreads his wing above the mysteries of different eternities. I am your centuries-old memory about the great Unity of every living being. I AM YOU…”

Steppe Lion heard soft shuffling steps and jumped to his feet. An elderly man with the long silvery beard was coming towards him. He was carrying a crooked walking stick in his hand.

“I welcome your world, wanderer,” Steppe Lion bowed before the old man, “How could I help you?”

“I know you,” The old man stared at his eyes. “Once you stood with all of us in a good stead. At that time, your eyes were closed and you did not see me, but I stood next to you at twilight, in the city you had rescued. I’ve been looking for you to deliver Her best regards.”

Steppe Lion looked at him with the eyes of His heart. Through the wrinkled face of the old man, Steppe Lion could see clearly the eyes with the cheerful sparkles, as well as the gold, curly hair of Tiny Fairy. That was their morning…

To know Love – you should find it,

To know Love – you should repudiate it,

To know Love – you should BECOME IT.

Authors: Victor and Maria Tuzlukov

Hi, Victor and Maria,




4 de novembro de 2010 15:57

Guidha Cappelo disse...

Hi Victor and Maria, My name is Guidha Cappelo; I was born in Angola, Africa; I am a plastic artist and Tania´s friend. We spent a wonderful afternoon together preparing your blog and we hope you like it. It was built with the high energies of love and wisdom, for such is your primary soul energy, which you utilize while you work on your precious gems, while you write the lovely fairy tales and with all your relationships. I am very happy for having known your work and to be part of your expansion into Brazil and in the Americas.Guidha